Wednesday, September 30, 2015

President of the Ghana Bishop's Conference: "Homosexuals Go to Hell"

 Giuseppe Nardi

His Excellence Joseph Bishop Osei-Bonsu
(Accra) Bishop Joseph Osei-Bonsu of Konongo-Mampong in Ghana disagreed with the notion that homosexuals go to heaven. The President of the Ghanaian Bishops' Conference, a descendent of the ancient royal house of Ashanti, is of a very different opinion.

Homosexuality, said Bishop Osei Bonsu, is "not natural." The Ghanian prelate relegated the assertion that some are born homosexual to the realm of "political myth-making," saying that it was invented in order to agitate for "gay rights" and to justify one's actions. Msgr. Osei-Bonsu told Nii Arday Clegg, host of Ghana Radio Starr 103.5 FM's Morning Starr, on Monday:
The Bible clearly tells us, in the first chapter of the Epistle to the Romans, that those who practice homosexuality and those who support gay marriage - whether politically, religiously or howsoever - make themselves guilty before God. [...] Gays, lesbians, liars and child molesters and the like do not get into heaven, and the Bible says that very clearly. It is neither a man nor a Bishop who says that they do not go to heaven, but rather the Bibel. It is Sacred Scripture which declares that they do not go to heaven.

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  1. How strange this simple truth sounds to our ears. We are used to hearing convoluted explanations for those who give in to their sexual feelings. If we take the issue of perverted sex out of the equation, we are left with the 'simple' truth that all sexual activity outside marriage is gravely sinful. It's funny that we know this instinctively - that sex is for marriage - this is proved by the desires of those who actively engage in perverted sex acts to marry.

    This good bishop has courage. Are there bishops in North America who believe as he does? No one silences a bishop - he silences himself.


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