Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Myth of Moderate Islam

The following video, produced by Islam Net Video, explodes the myth of "moderate" Islam.

This is not anti-Muslim, Islamophobic propaganda. This is a calm and rational demonstration of a simple fact by Muslims themselves: there is no such thing as "moderate" Islam. 

Kicking out a few "fundamentalist" preachers, as was recently done in Australia to Farrokh Sekaleshfar, the senior Shiite Muslim cleric who preached in Orlando that homosexuals should be murdered, isn't going to accomplish anything. Preachers like Farrokh Sekaleshfar are not the problem. The problem is the people who invited him to speak in Orlando, i.e. observant Muslims.

Islam is at war with western civilisation.

Islam is at war with Christ.

Islam is at war with you.


  1. In order to deal with Islam we first have to deal with the UN & EU bureaucrats who are afraid to confront this enemy. They are NOT afraid of Catholicism/Christianity as our faith is truly a faith of peace. However, in order to overcome this Satanic religion we must get strong & active. The present leadership of wimps will not go there - they prefer sodomites to Traditional Catholics and have demonstrated that ungodly Modernism has taken over the CC. The silence from our shepherds is unbelievable!

  2. As individuals we are trapped in this chaos and I don't see any way of putting our beliefs into practice. In Canada there is NO deviating from the politically correct position - on Islam, homosexuality, abortion, gender fluidity (sic) or any other demonic belief.

    As the Catholic hierarchy have capitulated to 'the world' I don't see any relief in our lifetime. So we let Our Lord Jesus observe the whole panoply, as He does - we are calm, peaceful and patient.


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