Thursday, May 5, 2016

Meditative Readings for the Holy Rosary

A recent article written by William Bloomfield entitled 6 Secrets to a Better Rosary - which I highly recommend - has inspired me to share with you, gentle reader, something which I have used to great advantage in coming to a more profound appreciation of the unfathomable depths of the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. It has also proven very helpful in imparting to my children an understanding of how to fruitfully meditate on each of the mysteries.

If you look to the right, you will notice a new panel - directly under the image of the Most Sacred Heart - called Rosary Readings. Clicking one of the links will open a document containing passages drawn from Sacred Scripture which relate to and expound upon each of the mysteries. They can be read silently for private use or read aloud for Family Rosary. It has been my experience that children of widely differing ages respond quite positively towards these readings, as they help to focus the mind on the mystery, aiding in contemplation while increasing familiarity with Sacred Scripture. Incorporating them into your Rosary takes a few extra minutes, but the time is very well spent.

Please bear in mind that these selections are my own, and are not meant to be authoritative in any way. You might like them as they stand; you might want to change some depending upon your preferences. My aim is not to dictate, but rather to encourage you to find ways to deepen your own appreciation of the Holy Rosary.

I pray that you might draw some benefit from them.

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