Thursday, October 15, 2015

Vaticanist Confirms Danneel's Ties to St. Gallen Mafia

The German Edition of Catholic News Agency published an interview with Vaticanist Paul Baade today, in which the latter reveals what knowledge he had of the St. Gallen "Mafia-Club" back in 2005, as well as few interesting details regarding the election of Pope Benedict XVI. The relevant section of the interview is posted below in an original Radical Catholic translation (to be updated if CNA puts out their own English translation):
Vaticanist Paul Baade
(Photo: CNA)
CNA: There's a minor scandal brewing in the background [of the Synod on the Family]: Pope Francis invited former Belgian Archbishop Godfried Danneels, who recently admitted before rolling cameras to having belonged to a kind of "Mafia Club" within the Church, to the Synod.

Baade: Correct. I'm not sure whether it's a minor or a major scandal. But it's certainly mysterious. Because it is indeed the case that Cardinal Danneels covered for a Bishop who had abused his nephew. He also pressured - supposedly - King Baudouin to sign into law a proposed bill on abortion, and to be less fussy on the issue. What advice this Cardinal is supposed to be able to give to a Catholic Synod discussing the "vocation and mission of marriage and the family" is a mystery to many, to put it lightly. In regards to the claim he made last month about being a member of some kind of "Mafia" in the College of Cardinals, I can confirm it from personal experience.

CNA: How do you mean that? Did you have information on this beforehand?

Baade: Yes. In April of 2005, I received a reliable tip according to which, a mere three days after the funeral service for John Paul II, Cardinals Martini of Mailand, Lehmann and Kasper of Germany, Bačkis of Lithuania, van Luyn of Holland, Danneels of Belgium and O'Connor of London met in the so-called Villa Nazareth in Rome with the no longer papabile Cardinal Silvestrini in order to formulate together a secret plan to prevent the election of Joseph Ratzinger. I then wrote an article for WELT, published on 17th April, 2005, referring to the meeting and that it violated the directives of the deceased Pope in the 1996 Instruction Universi Dominici Gregis, which laid down new regulations for the order of succession, including the strict directive that no agreements which could influence the outcome of the election were to be made, either befor or during the conclave. Three days later, Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope by a large majority. The retired Cardinal Meisner of Cologne could tell you how, exactly, that came to pass - if it weren't for the order of secrecy regarding all the proceedings of a conclave. But it is no secret that Meisner was, at the time, the most fervent opponent of this group - and especially of Cardinal Danneels. Now, however, it was not him, the old friend of Joseph Raztinger, who was personally invited to the Synod, but rather the equally retired Godfried Danneels, who is six months older than the Archbishop of Cologne. That's a fact.


  1. I share your committment to the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church handed down through a validly canonically elected pope and a validly ordained priesthood.
    Have you or anyone you know researched the conclave of 1914 and the death of Pope Pius X? Pope Pius X died on the 20th of August, 1914, allegedly of a "broken heart", according to the NY Times or of melancholy according to Wikipedia. Father Franz Xavier Wernz S.J., a german by birth, was the Superior General of the Jesuits, the "black pope". He died not 24 hours before on August 19th, 1914, in the modern rendering he died of diabetes, but the NY Times did not indicate he was in poor health and again said he died "of a broken heart". Pope Pius X was known to have desperately tried to contact Emperor Franz Joseph, to no avail, as his communications were intercepted. Pope Benedict XV , the pope to follow Pius X, was neutral regarding WWI. Pope Pius X was definitely not neutral.
    Pius X was hurriedly buried, within 48-72 hours of his death, normal for a Jew or a Moslem, but not for a beloved Catholic pope. Within the same week, one of Pius' sisters, one of those who took care of him, also died suddenly, again of the always fatal, "broken heart". I suspect there were a half dozen other deaths of a "broken heart" occurring at that time, that we don't know about or were not recorded. Coincidentally, September 3rd, on one of the morning shows some infobabe was laying out the research justifying death diagnoses of a "broken heart". Wow, what timing. September 3rd was the day on the traditional liturgical calendar that we remember St.Pius X's feast day. It also is, I recollect, the anniversary of the election of Benedict XV.
    While he was pope an apostolic constitution (January 1905) governing the next conclave was written and held in secret until the death of Pius X - including the requirement that all the proceedings of the conclave discussions, before, during and after be held in secret in perpetuity by the participating cardinals. No such rule had ever been enforced on any previous conclave, probably because Catholics have an obligation before Jesus to follow a canonically elected pope. How can we do that if all the proceedings are held in secret? The freemasons operate in secrecy, but not the true Catholic Church.
    As you could ascertain by my rendition of the events of 1914, I'm very suspicious of official pronouncements on these deaths. These were cases which cried out for an independent objective forensic investigation. I believe Pius X was surrounded by traitors to Jesus Christ and His Church, with the exception of Cardinal Merry del Val. Mary Wessel Podlesak

  2. Dear Mary,

    No, I have never heard of any kind of investigation into the death of Pope Pius X, but what you've related here makes me want to research it. Thanks for reading and for commenting!

  3. Where are the cardinals who so overwhelmingly elected Ratzinger as pope? They obviously wanted a conservative instead of the Argentinian radical. Are they still round for the most part? Why aren't they speaking out now that said Argentinian is wreaking havoc in the Church?


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