Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Synod 2015: German Bishops Unhappy

Vatican Radio is reporting that the German Group has issued sharp criticism in reaction to the interventions of some of the other Synod Fathers. The Group's Relatio, i.e. the report documenting the work of the Ciculus Germanicus delivered to the plenary session on Tuesday, begins with the words:
The images and comparisons which have been made use of are not only lacking in differentiation and false, but also injurious.
The report went on relate that the Germans felt "great dismay and sadness" upon hearing the statements of certain Synod Fathers regarding the "individuals, content and procedure" of the Synod itself, and wished to clearly distance themselves from what they claimed stood in contradiction to "the Spirit of Accompaniment, the Spirit of the Synod and its fundamental rules."

In other news:

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  1. Did I read that correctly? "Fundamental Rules"? The German Bishops are supporters of "fundamental rules"?? Surely some mistranslation? Or, are fundamental rules o.k. once they are in place to ensure a heterodox outcome to the Synod?


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