Saturday, October 3, 2015

Come Out, Demon of Sodom!

Fr. Krzyztof Charamsa

Make no mistake: this man is the plaything of the Demon of Sodom. To his credit, he has finally dropped the mask and revealed his true intentions, which is nothing less than bringing about the corruption of the moral doctrine of the Church. He's even published a list of demands, a "New Manifesto of Liberation", which details the extent of the corruption he desires. While you condemn his efforts in the harshest of terms - and you should spare nothing in this regard, gentle reader - do not forget to pray for his poor soul, that he may be released from the clutches of this most unclean spirit.

With that being said:

How about the rest of them? Now that this very public proclamation has been made, any sodomite prelates, as well as those sympathetic to their unholy cause, who continue to hide their own perversion while secretly agitating for its acceptance must be called out. It is absolutely imperative that we compel the feculent servants of the Demon of Sodom to emerge from their dens of sin and nail their sullied colors to the mast.

With Fr. Charamsa having just been sacked from his position at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the iron is white-hot. If we ever wanted to draw the Lavender Mafia out from its hiding place and into the light, now is the time.


(via Toronto Catholic Witness) Bishop Ryszard Kasyna of Peplin (Gdansk, Poland) has issued a formal canonical warning to Fr. Charamsa: "return to the way of Christ's priesthood." This is generally the first step on the road to dismissal from the clerical state.


(via Toronto Catholic Witness) Fr. Dariusz Oko, the priest who wrote the explosive With the Pope against the Homoheresy (2012), which exposed the Homoheresy undermining the Benedictine Papacy, has conducted an interview with Polish news outlet Super Express Poland ( on the issue of Fr. Krzyztof Charamsa's attempt to pressure the 2015 Synod by "outing" himself as a flaming sodomite in an active homosexual relationship. As to how, exactly, such a priest could not merely finish seminary, but be promoted to such an important position in the Vatican, Fr. Oko had the following to say:
This is, unfortunately, the dark side of the Church. I myself wrote about the homolobby. There were in the Church people like Archbishops Juliusz Paetz and Jozef Wesolowski. It would seem that people of their kind have provided a career for Fr. Charamsa. Those people are very supportive; it is the so-called 'Lavender Mafia'. This sick part of the Church has always existed. Judas among the twelve apostles constituted 8.5 percent. If you convert that to the 30,000 priests in Poland, it turns out that more than 2,500 priests are living badly, like Judases. Charamsa belongs to this group of Judases, of Cains. Betraying the Church, the person places himself above the bishops, theologians, popes, one can even say: above God. Pope Benedict XVI said that genderism is worse than Marxism. Pope Francis said it is like a tsunami, demonic, satanic. Jesus spoke of 'whitewashed tombs', a 'brood of vipers', 'murderers of the prophets'. According to Fr. Charamsa, these words are unacceptable; our language should instead purr sweetly. If someone thinks he knows better than God on how to speak of this, it indicates a madness or possession.
My sentiments exactly.


(via El PeriĆ³dico) Krysztof Charamsa has been officially suspended from priestly ministry. As was to be expected, Charamsa reacted to the dismissal by playing the victim of unfair treatment, saying that he was suspended not for being in an active sodomite relationship, but rather simply for being "gay."

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  1. Whence comes this boldness? From the silence at the top - where Our Lady told us the apostasy would start. God have mercy on Francis and those with him in this attempt to 'change' Jesus' Church.


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