Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Great Apostasy: Ground Zero

I don't normally post videos on this blog, but Michael Matt and Christopher A. Ferrara of The Remnant recently released a video which deserves special consideration by all faithful Catholics. In it, they discuss a topic which I have long considered to be Ground Zero of the Great Apostasy: the Creation Narrative. Granted, running at a little over 40 minutes, the video can do little more than scratch the surface of this huge topic, and a follow-up has already been announced for release next week. But I commend both Mr. Matt and Mr. Ferrara for weighing in on the matter, and for inviting Catholics to re-examine their assumptions in regards to Special Creation, the Big Bang and Evolution.

As something of a primer on the subject in anticipation of next week's installment, I warmly recommend to all my readers a small but powerful paper put together by Dominique Tassot, Hugh Owen and Peter Wilders entitled Creation and Time. It discusses Catholic teaching on creation with regard to geological time and evolution, is well-researched and comes with the recommendation of several secular scholars and priests, including that of Bishop Emeritus Desmond C. Moore. Regardless of where you presently stand on the issue, you owe it to yourself as a Catholic to be familiar with the authentic teaching of the Church on this subject. A PDF of the paper can be downloaded here. If you prefer a web-based version, you can view the same here.

There's one final point I'd like to make to those of you who are genuinely concerned about raising the ire of the scientific establishment against the Catholic Church by calling scientistic dogmas like the Big Bang and Evolution into question. If you believe in the Real Presence, the Perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Virgin, the Miracle at Cana - or any other miracle, for that matter - you are already considered a certifiable idiot in their book. I suggest you get used to it.

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