Friday, April 10, 2015

Did Cardinal Daneels Lobby for Abortion?

His Eminence Cardinal Godfried Daneels
As reported a few hours ago at Rorate Caeli, two former Belgian politicians have confirmed that they brought in Cardinal Godfried Daneels in an attempt to convince King Baudouin to sign a pro-abortion law in 1990.

Belgian VTM Nieuws ran a story on Monday in which Philippe Moureaux and Mark Eyskens went on record as to Cardinal Daneels' involvement in the sordid affair. The Socialist Moureaux openly admits that Daneels was brought in to sway the Catholic king's conscience in favor of the law. He states:
We arranged a discreet and prudent intervention on the part of Cardinal Daneels.
The Christian Democrat Eyskens then goes on to lament how, despite Daneels' great influence over the royal family, the intervention failed:
Daneels was present at family gatherings. He baptized the nieces and nephews. He performed weddings and so on. He was something like chaplain confessor to the royal family. But all with no result.
Given that Cardinal Daneels is an open supporter of official recognition for "gay marriage" and has been caught red-handed trying to coerce sexual abuse victims into keeping silent in order to protect his favorite underling, Roger Vangheluwe, the former Bishop of Bruges who later admitted to repeatedly abusing his own nephews over the course of 15 years, starting when one of the boys was only 5 years old, is anyone actually surprised to learn that his services were called upon by scheming politicians in order to try and corrupt the Catholic conscience of King Baudouin?

And to think, this man was personally chosen by Pope Francis as an "expert on the family" for the 2015 Synod.

Cardinal Daneels should be forced to respond to these allegations and to resign if they are substantiated. We do not need men like this in the hierarchy of the Church, and certainly not serving as consultative expert on matters pertaining to Catholic families.

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  1. Assuming that this can be verified, I am concerned that action has not already been taken to remove him and send him to pray in some obscure monistary.


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