Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fr. Timothy Scott Removed as Basilian Spokesperson

Fr. Timothy Scott, C.S.B.
According to information delivered to The Radical Catholic by a loyal reader (Gordon D.), Fr. Timothy Scott, C.S.B., Executive Director of the Canadian Religious Conference, has been removed from his position as spokesman for the Basilian Fathers. The letter, received earlier today and signed by one Fr. David Katulski, reads as follows:
Thank you for your concern about the misconduct of Fr. Scott. I assure you that he is no longer spokesperson for the Basilian Fathers.
The dismissal comes swiftly on the heels of the faithful Catholic outcry after it became known that Fr. Scott tweeted an obscene acronym to His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke, reported here as well as across the Catholic internet yesterday. While it remains uncertain what role, if any, the response of the faithful played in the decision to remove Fr. Scott - the offence was clearly great enough in and of itself to warrant such punitive action - we can hope that this signals a turn for the better for the Congregation of St. Basil.


UPDATE: In an interesting turn of events... oh, I'll let Michael Voris explain:


  1. This is at least what 'should' have happened, and it is comforting to hear that it has. The faithful were starting to wonder if indeed anyone at all was truly in charge of the order. What I do wonder about, and hope not to be a valid concern, is if this may be the tip of the iceburg
    with progressive leaning priests. Not to say that they are all going to show their 'disagreement' with traditional Prelates in such a foul, disgusting manner, but how many may be even thinking along Fr. Scott's lines. It's getting pretty scary out here in faithful 'Catholic land'.

  2. Don't care what your opinion is and yes you are entitled to one, foul language is gouge and ill mannered.

    Glad he's been removed. He's an embarrassment!

  3. Dear TLM,

    Indeed. Though I was rather surprised to see an ordained priest publicly use that kind of language in reference to a Cardinal, I think he just tweeted what many like-minded prelates are thinking to themselves. You'll notice that his 'apology' is limited to excusing himself for the rudeness of his comment, not for its message, i.e. that Cardinal Burke should be silenced. Over at liberal Catholic media-outlets, where they have ignored this story altogether, it's not uncommon to hear the same message directed towards His Eminence. It seems probable that Fr. Scott is so out of touch with the situation in the pews that he was actually expecting accolades and applause for his little quip, along the lines of "Look at what this hip priest has to say about that old fuddy-duddy Burke!" Talk about a misfire.

  4. Note the forward-combed hair. This is a signal to those who have eyes to see.

  5. Annonymous,

    Forward-combed hair is an ancient tradition among religious: against vain glory...

    Br. Bugnolo

  6. When is he going to be removed as "Executive Director of the Canadian Religious Conference"? What is the salary of that position? What is the influence of it? Doubt seriously "spokesperson" has any salary. Though still glad he's been 'removed', who has replaced him? Let's not be deceived by appearances. .

  7. Be assured that this is not the first time this higher level ecclesiastic has said venomous things about those who are exemplify what Cd Burke personifies: the striving for holiness via the only Way possible- the traditions handed down from the Church Fathers.
    This dismissal is the grudging admission of a tactical error from the Adversary. It affords a glimpse into the true colors seething behind their saccharine modernist facade. It seems they are emboldened (under Bergoglio) and all the more will stop at nothing to achieve the right to commit mortal sin without repercussions.


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