Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Unholy Fruits of Tolerance

Less than two months ago, I reported on a decision by the German Council of Ethics which recommended that current laws forbidding incest should be abolished. Highly educated (most members of the Council hold one or more Ph.D. degrees) and otherwise well-respected people actually sat around a table discussing and eventually approving the proposal that there is no moral concern regarding fathers who want to have sex with their own daughters. I honestly didn't think civilized people could sink any lower. Yet, the Germans appear uniquely gifted in plumbing the depths of human depravity.

The ARD (German: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der √∂ffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland; English: Consortium of public broadcasters in Germany) is the world's second largest public broadcaster (after the BBC) with interests in broadcast radio, television and online media and an annual budget of more than €6.3 billion Euros ($7.8 billion Dollars). In Germany, the ARD is the gold standard of serious news and entertainment broadcasting. As such, it is an obvious target for propagandists: if you can get your message on the ARD, it will be heard by millions.

Last week, the ARD produced a series of programs covering a particular hot-button social issue: tolerance. As part of its coverage, it broadcast a radio program which featured an interview with a 29 year-old man who is a practitioner of bestiality.

Yes, bestiality. With dogs.

Now, you may be thinking - in all Christian charity - that this must have been set in the context of individuals suffering from psychiatric illness, with the message that society needs to help such people. Oh, that it were so, gentle reader! The truth is that this was portrayed as a case of unfair discrimination. You see, since 2013, sex with animals has been illegal and punishable with a fine of up to €25,000 Euros ($31,000 Dollars) in Germany. Not that it was legally sanctioned before; it's just that no one had thought a law was necessary, given that sex with animals is so obviously perverted and contrary to natural law.

The message of the program was clear: forbidding bestiality is an act of intolerance, the great - and only - sin of the 21st century. Practitioners of bestiality even have their own action group, ZETA (Zoophile Engagement for Tolerance and Enlightenment) which promotes "an open zoophile-lifestyle."

And as if that wasn't already enough to turn your stomach: the interview was broadcast on a radio program directed specifically and explicitly towards Germany's youth.

As I noted in regards to Peter Maneau's equation of the Holy Family to those in "Irregular Unions," there is apparently no limit to the depths people will sink to promote the disorder of human sexuality - even if it means digging their way to hell. 

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  1. The Israelites sacrificed their children to Molloc. I've been told this was a figure with outstretched arms through which babies would be tossed, into a raging fire.
    Devilish practices have been around forever. Imagine Adam and Eve turning their backs on God to embrace a suggestion of Lucifer - right before His Holy Countenance?
    By the way, where are the animal rights nuts? Or did the poor dog give 'two paws up' to his rape?
    We will all be punished for this horror, as many have in past times. Wars, pestilence, famine, with souls falling into hell like snowflakes as a chaser.
    Our Lady of Fatima Pray For Us.


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