Monday, August 24, 2015

Emergency Call: Something Creepy Afoot

The following call to 110 (the German version of 911/999) was made in Aachen, Germany. Via

  • Police: "Police Hotline."
  • Caller: "Hello, my name is [...] I'd like to report a large group of people who are walking down the street with a bullhorn. One of them recited some biblical saying, and the people were repeating the same saying. It's pretty creepy."
  • Police: "Which saying?"
  • Caller: "Something biblical, like ... that they are leaving this world ... something about a shepherd and stuff."
  • Police: "How many people are there?"
  • Caller: "Unfortunately, I couldn't tell. My husband was watching them ... wait a second ..."
  • Caller's Husband (shouting in the background): "20 people!"
  • Caller: "He says 20 people."
  • Police: "They are just walking through the area?"
  • Caller: "At the moment they haven't done anything, but it seems strange. Just in case something were to happen."
  • Police: "What, exactly, were they saying?"
  • Caller's Husband (background): "... 'holy Mary, Mother of God' ..."
  • Caller: "You know, that saying ... 'and the fruit of thy womb' ... that saying people are always repeating ... I'm not a church person."
  • Police: "That's probably a procession which is passing through the area."
  • Caller: "A what?"
  • Police: "A procession. It's nothing to be afraid of."
  • Caller: "That they are wandering around here saying these things?"
  • Police: "Yes, it's a solemn church parade. That's called a 'procession' around here."
  • Caller: "Oh, I see. I'm not familiar with that. I just thought, because they were saying these things..."
  • Police: "Right. It's a procession."


Remember, Aachen is the home of the beautiful Aachen Cathedral:

Where strange people do creepy things

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